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Get Customized Control Panels & More

At Indus Automation Inc., we know time costs money, so we provide businesses with a way to automate their work. Our custom-made control panels can help your business speed up work processes and increase efficiencies, saving time and money.

Once you order a specific control from our custom panel building shop, with a design suited to your needs, you can expect a wide variety of professional and technical services to enhance your efficiency, including:

Control panel design and fabrication
PLC and HMI programming
Troubleshooting and maintenance

Whether you work in Agriculture, Food Processing, Mining, Metal Treatment, Water Treatment, Utilities, or other industries, know that we are here to help. We can design, test, commission, and assemble control panels for all applications. We also make sure we continually learn and grow from every project we take on, to ensure the next one is even better. We can guarantee high-quality control panels of all types, such as:

Motor control centres (MCCs)
PLC cabinets
Protective relays
Power generation panels
Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
Motor control starters
Operator consoles
Parking lot controller panels
Soft start controllers
Custom panels


Our qualified shop personnel assemble and wire CSA® Group-approved custom control panels, PLC enclosures, and motor control centres. Upon completion, each panel undergoes stringent Factory Acceptance Testing (F.A.T.), which includes point-to-point wiring checks, Hi-Pot testing, I/O checks, and pilot device checks.


We have extensive experience programming many brands of PLCs and operator panels. Siemens, Allen-Bradley, and Modicon automation products are our specialties. Our programs also go through an extensive in-house F.A.T. to ensure logic is operational prior to the commissioning phase.


We supply a complete set of documentation for our panels, including CAD-generated layout drawings and wiring schematics, manuals, product-data sheets, and bills of materials. All documentation is archived on redundant servers to ensure important job-specific documents are never lost.


Our technicians can commission every facet of your control system to ensure a trouble-free start-up and continuous smooth operation.


We support the systems we design with a one-year parts and labour warranty. We also supply technical support for existing systems and plant retrofits.


If you need new or replacement components, we can provide selection, supply, and calibration of process instrumentation and equipment, including PLCs, HMIs, VFDs, and soft starts to name a few.


As a Siemens Solution Provider, we are equipped with the knowledge of the latest developments in all SIMATIC automation components, including programming software, PLCs, HMIs, SCADA, communication networks, and VFDs.

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See How We Create Our Control Panels for Winnipeg Businesses

When you bring us a control panel project, we will quote it and then take it in-house so that we can start working on fleshing out its design using actual drawings. Once we’ve come up with a design that we believe will fulfill your specific needs, we will start ordering parts and building the panel. Then, our PLC programmers will start getting information and using it to program the necessary aspects of your panel.

After your panel has been built, it will get checked in-house where we will make sure to put a CSA® Group-approved mention on it. Then, we will ship it straight to you! Once you’ve installed it or had us install it for you, we will take care of all the commissioning, which means we will go to your site and handle the testing of your panel. That way, we can make sure everything has been done safely and works properly.

To keep your panel working and secure, we will also provide you with any necessary training. Once you feel comfortable and prepared to handle your panel on your own, we will provide you with a manual, documentation, and a training manual for workers to be able to work on it.

Please note that our engineering services are available upon request.

Expect Guaranteed Quality Work

Acceptance of our panels on your job sites and by your inspectors is very important to us. For insurance purposes, it is important that the products we produce carry a label from an independent testing facility. We are certified by both the Canadian and American CSA® Group. These two organizations are the most prevalent electrical testing facilitators in North America: they have acceptance around the globe. Our own panel building standards are written to adhere to both of these standards, and in most cases, exceed them.

Take Advantage of Our Specialties


Let us design a control panel to speed up your work.

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